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Currency pair date Signal Entry Point Take Profit Stop loss
GBPUSD 2020-03-13 Sell 1.8888 1.3792 1.3918
GBPJPY 2020-03-12 Buy 148.900 149.74 146.35
EURUSD 2020-02-09 Buy 1.2273 1.2400 1.2208

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Profitability up to 40%
Decreased up to 30%
The minimum deposit is $ 200

price: 200$ For 1 Year



Profitability up to 60%
Decreased up to 60%
The minimum deposit is $ 1000

price: 600$ For 1 Year



Profitability up to 80%
Decreased up to 40%
The minimum deposit is $ 500

price: 788$ For 1 Year


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The best and most secure brokers in currencies, stocks and binary options


Since its founding in 2009, FBS has won many international awards and is present and strongly present in the Middle East, as it ranked the best broker in the Middle East, and many other awards.

FBS is a global broker in over 190 countries so far. 9,000,000 traders and 370,000 partners have chosen FBS as their preferred Forex broker. To provide the best customer service, FBS organizes seminars and special events, through which it offers its clients the best training materials, the latest trading techniques, and the latest trading strategies in the Forex market. Where traders find what suits them, whether they are professionals or beginners.


With more than 1,500,000 customers since XM was established in 2009, XM has grown to be a large, well-established, and a leading international investment company.

XM currently employs over 300 professionals with years of experience in the financial sector. Our vast experience and support of our clients in more than 30 languages, makes XM the preferred broker for traders of all levels, everywhere. We have the expertise and resources to help everyone set their investment goals, which only major brokers can do.

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The integrated team that provides financial services and advice for trading in the financial markets and provides the best recommendations to the Arab investor

We offer you the right ideas for trading in the financial markets

Trading in Forex, gold and stocks is considered one of the most profitable businesses, but in return it requires skills and ability to control itself in the management of money, as it requires the ability to make the right decision at the right time and accept the results, whether positive or negative. In AlForex-Trade, we provide you with the hassle of searching for brokers in the financial markets, where we offer you the best and most valuable brokers in the financial markets, and we offer a special recommendations service, which is a comprehensive system of trading signals that are sent to subscribers of the service as they reach mobile devices directly and by e-mail and through WhatsApp service AB or SMS text messages include specific orders to buy or sell with stop-loss and profit-taking orders and cover foreign exchange markets ((Forex)) and gold, and global corporate stocks by preparing balanced investment portfolios with reasonable profitability you will not need after today to follow the news Analyzes permanently to be able to make a profit and invest in these markets, service recommendations provide you the opportunity to take advantage of trading in the global financial markets in a scientific and professional to achieve the return you're looking for.

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